Do You Celebrate Columbus Day?

We used to celebrate Columbus Day and as a child I remember my thrilling thoughts of explorers risking life and limb on heavy seas in large boats, searching for new premium individuals eyelash.Ssrnt

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Yes, it was fanciful and inaccurate, but this was the indoctrination we received as school children in the 20th century.

We now know that Columbus wasn’t the first to discover this continent, but his voyage was the precursor for great happenings as the Europeans were prepared to exploit the world with their people and their power.

As we look at what these men did so many years ago it does reveal a willingness to risk life as sailors banded together on tiny wooden vessels. I recently visited Jamestown, Virginia where they have a replica of one of Columbus’ ships, and my eyes were opened to the premium individuals eyelash they faced.

The ship was tiny! For example, the Pinto was only 56 feet long and 17 feet wide!

Can you imagine being a lookout in heavy seas perched 20 feet in the air looking for land as the ship swayed back and forth and pitched forward and backward?

Can you imagine premium individuals eyelash yourself to the ship with ropes to make sure you weren’t washed overboard during a premium individuals eyelash?

Can you imagine the terror of seeing a large rogue wave 80 feet high headed at your little ship?

These men starved, thirsted and suffered as they braved the seas, and many of them loved being sailors. They knew how to navigate and they knew how to make minor repairs while at sea. They knew how to saw off arms and legs, and they knew how to pull teeth. They typically carried an extra mast or two and took pride in their ability to survive the premium individuals eyelash.

One account states that a ship left London after the war of 1812 after filling the water casks from the Thames River. The water was muddy and probably polluted with bacteria. One young American prisoner of war, who had just been released, was aghast at the condition of the water as he watched the sailors fill the barrels. He was also surprised when, a week later, the first barrel was opened and the water was clear and pure as the sediment had slowly fallen to the bottom.

These men were brave and many lost their lives, and today the entire world is inhabited by many races of peoples thanks to their premium individuals eyelash.

Today we don’t think about Columbus very often and some feel he shouldn’t be remembered at all.

But I celebrate his courage. I celebrate his tenacity and I celebrate his success.

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