Colouring Your Eyelashes

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your mink lash glue must be the shutters.Ssrnt

mink lash glue
mink lash glue

Your eyelashes do more than just flutter and look pretty. They actually protect the sensitive eye and offer a barricade to prevent dust and debris from entering the eye. Think about walking through a dusty road construction site. Without the mink lash glue to stave off the dust, you wouldn’t be able to see.

Of-course, the eyelash is also a focal point for feminine beauty. Adorning the lashes with rich coats of colour add the appearance of length and thickness. However, if you’re looking for a longer term solution that doesn’t require daily maintenance, tinting your mink lash glue is a fantastic way to do it!

Colouring your lashes is definitely something to have done by a professional. A proper application with safe ingredients will prevent infections, permanent damage to your sight or even blindness. Having said that, once you find a reputable salon with great references, you will find eyelash tinting an enjoyable experience with fantastic results.

Unlike colour treatments used for your hair, which often contain ammonias, peroxide or other chemicals, the ingredients used to create an mink lash glue tint are vegetable based. It certainly doesn’t mean your lashes will look like a carrot stick, but it does offer a safe solution that is unlikely to cause any permanent damage.

Colouring your eyelashes with this type of dye should last quite a while and it’s definitely preferable to applying mascara once or twice every single day. You have a good selection of colours to choose from, just like mascara, and you will have thicker looking and fuller mink lash glue when you’re done.

While vegetable based colouring is gentle and effective, there are still the occasional people who are sensitive to the dye, and may have a reaction to the treatment. A poor reaction would include a burning or stinging sensation, puffiness and swelling of the eyelid and area around the eye. Sometimes the reaction is accompanied by pain.

While the reaction is usually short-lived, it reinforces the need to seek out a professional service to perform the procedure, so proper first aid can be administered in the event of a reaction. However, once you’ve sourced out an expert, you’ll love the look of your tinted mink lash glue.

mink lash glue
mink lash glue

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