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Eyelash Growth Cycle

Long lustrous eyelashes may be considered one the most prominent signs of beauty. For centuries women have touted long eyelashes from Cleopatra to Red Carpet Celebrities. It’s no wonder why losing a few lashes throughout the day can be a bit unsettling. Now, you can rest assure it’s all part of a normal process of the mink lash bar growth cycle. It’s the same cycle all hairs on our body go through.Ssrnt

mink lash bar
mink lash bar

The eyelash growth cycle is broken down into three stages: Anagen (growth) phase, Catagen (transition) phase, and Telogen (resting) phase. Each individual eyelash is on its own phase of the growth cycle. So, your lashes are growing and falling out at any given time. That’s why it’s normal to lose a few mink lash bar on most days.

First stage: Anagen phase. This is the stage in which eyebrows and eyelashes grow. About 40% of your mink lash bar are growing right now. For lashes and eyebrows this growth stage will last about 30 – 45 days. This depends on factors including genetics, nutrition and your overall health. Smoking, caffeine and excessive sugar weakens full eyebrow and eyelash growth potential. Vitamins B-complex, C, A and E strengthen lashes and maximize growth potential.

Second stage: Catagen phase. This is the transitional phase. During this phase the follicle shrinks and the mink lash bar stops growing. This phase could last from two to three weeks.

Last stage: Telogen phase. This is also known as the resting phase. During the telogen phase your mink lash bar rests in the follicle until it’s plucked or falls out naturally. If the eyelash hasn’t fallen out, a new eyelash beginning it’s growth cycle pushes it out. This phase could last up to 100 days.

mink lash bar
mink lash bar

The eyelash growth cycle is short compared to the hairs on your head. To complete a full mink lash bar cycle could take from 4 to 8 weeks, whereas scalp hair takes from 3 months to 10 years in just the anagen phase alone. On average, eyelashes grow to about 10 mm long.

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