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How to Make More Money in Your Spa With Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Smart salon owners and spa enthusiasts are always on the look for the newest spa trends. Sometimes trends emerge as a product, other times it’s a service. Well my fellow spa enthusiasts I’m here to tell you artificial mink fur eyelash factory are the new hair extensions when it comes to finding new clients services for aestheticians, salons and spas.

artificial mink fur eyelash factory
artificial mink fur eyelash factory

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing salon services in the world. This popular beauty enhancing service has taken the United States, Canada and Europe by storm in a relatively short amount of time. Various celebrities’, actors, models, and musicians have been photographed at fashion shows, runways, and other high-profile red carpet events with beautiful long artificial mink fur eyelash factory. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are the new Botox. Women and men are flocking to salons and spas looking for new ways to enhance and redefine their eyes to rediscover their inner and out beauty and enhance their overall self- confidence. Ssrnt 

The key to maximizing your revenue generating potential with eye lash extensions, is analyzing important factors such as core foundational training and creating and implementing a sales focused client assessment and evaluation. Salon professionals generally struggle with charging the appropriate prices for their services, out of fear of being under-sold by their competitors. Understanding and mastering these two things will set you on the path to increased profits.

The first step to collecting more money with eyelash extensions is initial core foundational training. Most reputable eyelash manufacturers provide two-day courses, as one day courses typically can’t cover all the fundamental information that will allow you to charge premium prices and educate professionals to work safely on clients. Simply stated don’t skimp when you are looking to learn how to apply lashes, and purchase solely on the price of the training. All trainings and instructors are not created equal. Learning eyelash application takes time and patience and most importantly trainers who understand how to communicate clearly and professionally. Why? If you have a question while receiving you’re training or your prospective clients have question about the application process or products who do you think is going to give you the answers you need to satisfy your concerns and those of your clients. Over crowded classes will hinder you overall learning experience. A couple of my personal preferences are SPA LASH Couture Collection training, or Xtreme Lash due to the smaller class sizes and consistent availability of the training. I would also recommend you look for companies that provide a 5 to 1 student to teacher ratio as well. Twelve students to one trainer when it comes to learning semi permanent artificial mink fur eyelash factoryis not a good thing.

The second factor to collecting the true value of your eyelash extension services is implementing a sales focused client assessment and evaluation process. This should be the industry standard but it’s not. Most salons offer just a service and a price and if you don’t differentiate your process from other salons you are literally selling yourself short. Most clients want great service, professionalism, and products. Not just a cheap product or service. How many times has a client ever said to you,” I don’t care how dirty or unprofessional your salon or spa is, go ahead treat me like crap, I’m just here for the price.” I’m willing to bet that rarely happens if ever. So build in a time for client evaluations to determine the client’s needs and define realistic expectations and pricing based on the number of artificial mink fur eyelash factoryyou will be applying and the level of service you will provide. Charging a flat rate for artificial mink fur eyelash factory often leads to under-charging for the service.

If you take the time and expense to learn more about what you do and the services you provide, usually you will make more money as your clients will be happy with the results. Remember to share what you learn with your clients, because If you master the techniques your clients will enjoy the results and referrals will come. A positive mental attitude, and great listening skills often lead to great referrals and great referrals, often lead to good clients. If you keep these things in mind you will make more money.

artificial mink fur eyelash factory
artificial mink fur eyelash factory

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