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Eyelash Extensions Among Middle Eastern Women

Why would any realtor want to have handmade 3d mink fur lashes extensions done to herself? Well a realtor named Mastaneh Ekhtebar appears to have obtained such lash extensions, in an admission that is somewhat shocking in the conservative Middle East. She is pictured in a local advertisement was published in the Tehran International Weekly Magazine.Ssrnt

handmade 3d mink fur lashes
handmade 3d mink fur lashes

The other pictures in that ad point out the reason why Mastaneh apparently decided to have her handmade 3d mink fur lashes extended. That ad shows pictures of elegant rooms, rooms that would seem to be in a Beverly Hills home. That makes sense, since the Tehran magazine is distributed to Persian businesses in Los Angeles County.

The same magazine also contains an ad about a place where young women can learn more about eyelash extensions. That place is the Academy of Barbering Arts, an institution with a Cosmetology Program. The student in such a program could be expected to learn a great deal about the extensions for eyelashes.

Such a student would probably learn that each extension is made with a synthetic fabric. Such a student might also get a chance to practice the application of such extensions. That student would need to practice patience, as he or she applied the extensions, one handmade 3d mink fur lashes at a time.

One further ad in the same publication offers a hint to anyone who wants to make money by applying handmade 3d mink fur lashes extensions. The professional who placed that ad, Parsa Mahehi, MD, did not use the word “extensions” in his ad.

Dr. Mahehi seems to be conscious of the fact that no small number of Persian women have very beautiful handmade 3d mink fur lashes . He does not want to offend any reader, by suggesting that her eyelashes are not “up to par.”

handmade 3d mink fur lashes
handmade 3d mink fur lashes

Perhaps that is why Dr. Mahehi has placed an ad with a declaration that a visitor to his office can find “Latisse eyelash enhancer available.” The reader is left to wonder how (or if) an enhancer differs from an extension.


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