Best Bridal Mascara For Long Luscious Lashes

On occasion, I have been known to sleep in my mascara. Scary…I know. We all dread the morning raccoon eyes and hope that our partner is not looking as we scurry out of bed to wash the black off our eyes. After all…we do NOT want them to see the scary eyed monster we became in the middle of the night! That would not be romantic!Ssrnt

best mink eyelashes
best mink eyelashes

With all the advances in technology, is it possible that someone finally developed a mascara that does not smudge or flake…a mascara that we could sleep in…(only on occasion of course)! The answer is yes!

But before we get to the mascara preferred by several professional make-up artists…including myself, let’s review different types of Mascaras available on the market:

Thickening Mascaras: Creates a wider looking lash by plumping out the lash from the root to the tip.

Lengthening Mascaras: Adds fibers to the tips of the lashes to make them appear longer.

Waterproof Mascaras: Just that….waterproof! Difficult to remove, however. Waterproof Mascaras can also be drying and therefore comprise the integrity of your best mink eyelashes.

Tube Mascaras: Tube mascaras forms tiny “tubes” around your lashes which visibly lengthen your best mink eyelashes.

And the winner is….Tube Mascaras!

Benefits to Tube Mascaras:

  • Yes…they do lengthen and dramatically add vavoom to your best mink eyelashes!
  • Clump free
  • Smudge-proof
  • Flake-proof
  • Long-wear
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Removes easily with water
  • Does not come off with oily skin
  • Are not an eyelash paint

In my opinion, these mascaras are better than waterproof as the tubes will only come off when warm water and gentle pressure is applied. No make-up remover is required and upon removal, you will actually see the tiny tubes come off into your fingertips. Since both water water and gentle pressure are needed to remove the tubes, this absolutely means long-lasting wear. Say goodbye to those raccoon eyes!

Hands down, Tube Mascara is the best bridal mascara. I always use a Tube Mascara on my brides…particularly those who are prone to crying. Crying does not produce enough water to loosen the tubes’ adhesion to your lashes.

My two favorite brands of Mascara that use tube technology include:

Blinc (formerly know as Kiss Me) – approximately $25 per 0.21 oz tube (pioneers of tube mascara!)

Loreal Double Extend® Beauty Tubes™ – approximately $7.75 per tube (0.17 oz basecoat / 0.16 oz topcoat).

When using Mascara on faux eyelashes or best mink eyelashes extensions….I prefer Blinc. For everyday wear, I have been happy with Loreal Double Extend® Beauty Tubes™

best mink eyelashes
best mink eyelashes

So go ahead and cry. That’s right…..cry your little heart out and guess what…when your done, your mascara will still be there.


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