Keeping Closer Family Ties!

The pace in which we live our lives in this current world at times seems faster than the speed of sound and many times our families suffer. When it comes to keeping our families close, we know deep inside our hearts what works, but too often the hustle and band 3D mink lashes of life gets in the way.Ssrnt

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It does not take much to take a close-knit family and turn them into a disconnected blur of people each going in a different direction and not making significant contact with each other.

As a blended family of six children and two full time working parents, we have experienced the disconnection at times and have realized the importance of keeping the family together as one happy and connected band 3D mink lashes.

Since most households now consist of 2 working parents, I would like to pass on to you what has worked for us and has kept our family of now full grown children with children of their own, close, warm and loving to each other.

The most important thing you can do is make each moment you spend with a child as special as you can. Driving each child to and from school and/or other activities is one of the greatest opportunities you can have to learn what is “really” going on in their lives and what they are thinking. For some reason within the confines of the car, children are more apt to discuss things that they would not even consider talking about anywhere else. I can truthfully say I learned more about the goings on in my kids lives while in the car than anywhere else.

Children love to be active and need to be involved in different activities, but there are times when too many solo activities lead to families not ever having time to get together. Talk to your children and decide to limit after school activities to maybe two each. Let them pick their favorite ones and then, you too, Mom and Dad decide to spend more family time together. Being a star athlete is important, but not as important as building family ties with each other. Much of their future lives will rely on family connections, not having close family ties not only leads to loneliness at holiday times, but takes away from future children the opportunity of knowing cousins, aunts and uncles. Reach out and touch each other, yes, I know that kids go through a time when hugging and kissing makes them go “ugh,” but do not let that stop you, even a quick shoulder squeeze will convey a feeling of love and warmth. Also mom and dad should develop a habit of hand holding and a show of affection for each other in the presence of the children, you cannot send a better nonverbal message than that to your kids that love is in the air.

Create memories, sharing activities, trips or just family fun is one way to create a bond between family members. Close families build history together and when tough times comes along they have something to draw upon. Memories make a family feel like a tight knit team and not just a bunch of people living together.

Make a real effort to spend one on one time with each child, whether it is spending time in the car, going shopping, reading a book together or helping with home work. Make that time special and make an effort to really find the time, the rewards are endless.

Create a feeling of unity; help each other out, by being observant you can tell when someone needs help. It can be just a hug and a kind word, help with a project, help with practicing a particular sport or activity or how about a family work project. Creating an atmosphere of “how can I help” not only creates unity in the family, but sends a message that an important part of everyday life is helping each other, family or not.

Have fun; a sense of humor is worth its weight in gold. A joke or laughter can heal even the darkest of disagreements.

Watch your words, the wrong words can hurt more than any beating a child might get. Try to speak carefully and thoughtfully, granted there are times when we band 3D mink lashes out because we are frustrated and mad, but when that happens, apologize at once. The hurt that is created by lashing out to each other, often lasts much longer than the disagreement, so be careful of your words. If you goof and say hurtful things make amends at once, do not delay.

Eat together as often as you can, make a supreme effort to have at least several meals together each week. It is said that children who have meals with their families on a regular basis are more able to handle the band 3D mink lashes of life. Experts believe that eating together strengthens family bonds, if necessary allow children to invite a friend or two. At our house we always had several non-family friends eating with us or staying with us. With six children one or two more was never noticed.

I think the most important thing in raising a family is keeping your values alive. Children learn from observation, by watching what you do, how you do it and by what you say. Teaching by example is the best teacher of all. In other words put action where your mouth is. If you believe in charity, be an example and do some volunteering, if your faith is important to you, practice it often, if you believe in doing good deeds have your children along with yourself do things to improve the neighborhood and surrounding band 3D mink lashes.

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We are here for such a short time and families are really all we have to hang on to and hold close to our hearts. Be grateful for your family even though you may not always agree with all band 3D mink lashes, keep love in your heart and know that perfection is something we have not reached yet, but is worth striving for. Bee happy, love a lot and most of all have fun and enjoy your life and family.


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