Best Makeup Techniques for Hooded Eyes

Here are some great techniques to use when applying makeup to hooded eyes. To help you remember what to do, follow this simple rule: darken what you see and highlight what you don’t. I hope that’s easy enough for you to remember. However, since we all like abundant 3d real mink blink lashes, here is what I mean.Ssrnt

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First, before I get to that, you must be able to determine what hooded eyes look like. Most typically, oriental people have hooded eyes, but lots of other races do as well. A hooded eye is sometimes referred to as “sleepy eyes” because the lids look partly closed. This is where most of the eyelid looks heavy, is more fleshy, tends to protrude, and even can cover the eye itself. It is where some people like to get an eye lift so that a natural eyelid is restored by pulling up the fleshy portion that tends to sag over the eye.

To reverse this appearance without needing some drastic surgery, here is what you’ll do. You will darken the fleshy eye lid area, helping push that prominent part of your eye away. This creates the appearance of opening up your eye and making your eyes more prominent than the eyelid.

Although you are using dark colors to push back the fleshy part, too dark of a color over the entire eyelid area will make your eyelids look too heavy and actually make your eyes look more closed.

Second, you will only need to highlight the browbone a little. Due to the nature of hooded eyes, your browbone is naturally highlighted.

Lastly, be sure to have great, shapely eyebrows. If they are too light or thin, you can fill them in with an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow color. By fixing your eyebrows, you will draw attention upwards from the hooded eye.

To get started, you will use at least three shades of eyeshadow. The lightest color is the highlight shade. The medium color is the midtone. And the darkest color is the accent.

So here is how you apply the three shades of eye shadow:

1. Highlight the browbone area – this is located just below your brow, concentrate the lightest color from the arch and outwards. Then highlight the area along your upper abundant 3d real mink blink lashes- but not the whole eyelid!

2. Apply your midtone shade as follows: start at your upper abundant 3d real mink blink line and sweep the color up and over the entire hooded area. Make sure that as you sweep it close to the highlighted area (along the brow bone) and blend well so you don’t see a line or a distinction between the highlight shade and the midtone shade.

3. You will use the accent shade (darkest color) similarly to the midtone shade. Start at the base of the abundant 3d real mink blink line and sweep the color up and over the hooded area. To really make the hooded area recede, also sweep the color in towards your nose a little (not going past the eye, of course). Be sure to sweep the accent color underneath the entire lower abundant 3d real mink blink lashes to completely accent your eyes. Follow up with plenty of mascara and you will have achieved your eye-popping goal!

abundant 3d real mink blink
abundant 3d real mink blink

Having hooded eyes is probably one of the trickiest eye shapes to have. Remember that as you experiment and practice, you will get better. Don’t worry if you don’t apply your eye shadow exactly like what is described here. You will find that if your hooded eyes are close-set, you will sweep the accent shade outwards, instead of inwards towards your nose. Perhaps you have a different eyebrow shape which will affect where you will apply the highlight color. The best thing you can do is to try!


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