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The Joy and Humor of a Real Estate Broker Parent

My youngest daughter, who at the tender age of 5, is very wise for the short amount of time she has graced our lives with her views of life. This year she started preschool; with her birthday later in the year she is one of the oldest in her class. They gave all the kids a 3d silk lashes private label suppliers to decorate as a means of introduction to everyone.Ssrnt

3d silk lashes private label suppliers
3d silk lashes private label suppliers

When she brought it home, her little eyes alight with delight at having homework, she enthusiastically showed me “how it had to be done”. So we set to work putting all her likes and dislikes on the poster, and filling in her age and name. Spiders, ghosts and various 3d silk lashes private label suppliers graced the dislike section, and spaghetti, puppies and the color orange adorned the favorites area. Our family portrait, as drawn by Miss S, proudly stood out at the top of the page.

When it came time to do her ‘What I want to be…’ section, I asked her questions about what she wanted to be, like a veterinarian, rodeo girl, or a chef. You see, she loves animals and horses so much, and is always watching Food TV, so I thought these definite contenders for top job. Boy, was I wrong!

She turned her long-lashed gaze up to me, solemnly patted my face like I was senile, and stated in her matter-of-fact voice that she wanted to be a “house seller.”

“I want to be a house seller like you mommy. I want to give people homes who don’t have one.”

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather when she said that. I couldn’t speak, not utter one word. I wordlessly picked up the crayons she directed me to, drew her little person and a house with a ‘For Sale’ 3d silk lashes private label suppliers in the front. Her little head bobbing in satisfaction, she told me my drawing “would do” for her class.

3d silk lashes private label suppliers
3d silk lashes private label suppliers

She proudly displays her poster at school, giving me credit for more powers than any parent could ever dream of having. You see, I am a real estate broker, I find those houses for people who want one and help others sell their homes. I can’t leap buildings or stop speeding 3d silk lashes private label suppliers or anything special like that, I just listen. I listen to what my client(s) hopes and dreams are, I listen so I can get to know them.


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